A.C. Elias, Jr. Irish American Research Travel Fund
Grant Application

Please complete the application coversheet below and and return it with the other application materials requested to either of the trustees before 15 November 2016. Please submit your application materials to both trustees, ideally, electronically, with the parts of your application combined into one attached World file or PDF. Letters of support should be signed and sent directly, also, preferably as PDFs.

Prof. James E. May
Department of English
Pennsylvania State University, DuBois Campus
College Place
DuBois, PA 15801-3199
email:  jem4@psu.edu

Dr. Máire Kennedy
Divisional Librarian, Dublin and Irish Collections
Dublin City Libraries & Archive
138-144 Pearse Street
Dublin 2


Preferred Address: (Include phone, e-mail, fax.)


Do you belong to ASECS or the Eighteenth-Century Ireland Society? (state which)

Citizenship or Country of Permanent Residence?

Educational background:

Current position, rank:

Publications: (Please include thesis or dissertation topic when appropriate.)

Subject Title of the Proposed Transatlantic Research Trip:

Collection(s) to be visited:

Brief Description of Project (must fit into space):

Names, addresses and telephone numbers of references:


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