Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture (SECC)

Volume 47 Table of Contents

Edited by Eve Tavor Bannet and Roxann Wheeler

Felicity Nussbaum, "Tribute to Srinivas Aravamudan"

Srinivas, Aravamudan, "From Enlightenment to the Anthropocene: Vico Behind or Ahead of his Time"

Hazel Gold, "Introduction - Mining, Machines, Manufacturing: Labor and Industry in the Long Eighteenth Century"

Valentina Tikoff, "Spanish Orphans and the American Revolution: Warfare, Social Welfare and Technical Training"

Susan Egenolf, "The Cyclops in the Vale: Mythological and Fantastic Representations of Industry"

Susan Libby, "The Mechanical Plantation: Picturing Sugar Production in the Encyclopédie"

Jon Klancher, "Reading the Technologies: Scale and Skill in British Print Culture, 1680–1820"

Shearer West, ASECS/BSECS Plenary Lecture, "Selfiehood: Celebrity, Singularity and the Enlightenment"

Heather McPherson, "Introduction - Inside the Artist’s Studio"

Wendy Wassyng Roworth, "A Celebrity Artist’s Studio: Angelica Kauffman in Rome"

Francesca Bove, "The Myth of the Artist in George Morland’s Studio"

Heather McPherson, "Mme Recamier’s Serial Portraits: Celebrity as Cultural Currency"

Leith Davis, "Mediating Cultural Memory: Ireland and the 'Glorious Revolution”'

Mark Vareschi and Jess Keiser, "Introduction - Intention and the Eighteenth-Century Text"

Stephanie Insley Hershinow, "The Best of Intentions"

Sarah Ellenzweig, "A Tissue of False Memories"

Edmund J. Goehring, "Art, Intention, and the Constitutive ‘I’"

Sarah Eron, " Why Memory Matters: Surviving Intentions"

Thomas Salem Manganaro, "Incoherent Intentions and the Need for Narrative"

Kathleen Lubey, "Sexual Intention in Pornography"

Dena Goodman, "Forum Introduction - Tolerance, Free Speech, and Civility from Voltaire to Charlie Hebdo"

Jeffrey M. Leichman, "The Mahomet Paradox: The Necessity of an Impossible Text"

Reginald McGinnia, "The Ambivalence of Mockery"

Jack Iverson, "Voltaire, Tolerance, Indifférence and the Limits of Free Speech"

Fayçal Falaky, "Radical Islam, Tolerance and the Enlightenment"

Ourida Mostefai, " Dissensus and Toleration: Reconsidering Tolerance in the Age of Enlightenment"

Elena Russo, "On Giving and Taking Offense"

Volume 46 Table of Contents

Edited by Eve Tavor Bannet and Roxann Wheeler


Catherine Jaffe, "Introduction-Transnational Quixotes and Quixotisms: Circulation, Migration, Appropriation"

Amelia Dale, "Gendering the Quixote in Eighteenth-Century England"

Elena Deanda-Camacho, "Quixotic Sade: Echoes of Cervantes in 120 Days of Sodom"

Elizabeth Franklin Lewis, Mapping Don Quixote’s Route: Spanish Cartography, English Travelers and National Pride"

Aaron R. Hanlon, "Quixotism as Global Heuristic: Atlantic and Pacific Diasporas"

Rebecca Messbarger, "Introduction-The Habsburgs and the Enlightenment"

Rita Krueger, "Maria Theresa’s Enlightenment: The Habsburgs, Generational Challenge, and Religious Indifference

Julie Doe, "Marie Antoinette et la Musique: Habsburg Patronage and French Operatic Culture"

R.S. Agin, "The Debate on Judicial Torture in Austrian Lombardy"

Heather Morrison, " Open Competition in Botany and Diplomacy: The Habsburg Expedition of 1783"

Michael B. Guenther, "Northern Designs: British Science, Imperialism, and Improvement at the Dawn of the Anthropocene"

Richard Frohock, "John Gay’s Polly (1729), Bernard Mandeville, and the Critique of Empire"

Adam Potkay, "Pity, Gratitude, and the Poor in Rousseau and Adam Smith"

Jeffrey Merrick, Sodomy, Suicide, and the Limits of Legal Reform in Eighteenth- Century France"

Jeff Loveland, "A Laissez-Faire Encyclopedia? A Comparative View of Diderot as Editor of the Encyclopédie"

Tamar Mayer, "Drawing the Corporeal: Balance and Mirror Reversibility in Jacques-Louis David’s Oath of the Horatii"

Volume 45 Table of Contents

Edited by Michelle Burnham and Eve Tavor Bannet

María Soledad Barbón, "The Politics of Praise: Academic Culture and Viceregal Power in Late Colonial Peru"

Amanda Louise Johnson, "Thomas Jefferson’s Ossianic Romance"

Catherine M. Jaffe, "Honor, Gender, and Translation in the Spanish Enlightenment: Mariano Madramany y Calatayud’s El engaño feliz (1795)"

Cecilia Feilla, "Performing History: Harlequinades of the French Revolution on the Popular London Stage"

Rebecca, Tierney-Hynes, "Emotional Economies: Centlivre’s Comic Ends"

Daniel Leonard, "Fetishism and Figurism in Charles de Brosses’s Du culte des dieux fétiches: Natural Historical Facts and Historical Fictions"

Beth Fowkes Tobin, "A Naturalist’s Notebooks"

Betty Joseph, "Capitalism and Its Others: Intersecting and Competing Forms in Eighteenth-Century Fiction"

Dwight Codr, '“Hairs less in sight”: Meteors, Sneezes, and the Problem of Meaning in The Rape of the Lock"

John Greene, "Optical Allusions: Seeing Clearly in Rousseau’s Rêveries du promeneur solitaire"

Sara Muñoz-Muriana , "Veiling Bodies, Revealing Identities: The Mirror and the Construction of the Female Self in Eighteenth-Century Spain"

David Mazella, "Husbandry, Pedagogy, and Improvement in Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels"

Volume 44 Table of Contents

Edited by Michelle Burnham and Eve Tavor Bannet

Julie Candler Hayes, Philosophical about Marriage: Women Writers and the Moralist Tradition" - ASECS Presidential Address, 2013

Teresa Michals, "Invisible Amputation and Heroic Masculinity"

Paul Kelleher, "The Man Within the Breast: Sympathy and Deformity in Adam Smith’s The Theory of Moral Sentiments"

Lucas Hardy, “The Practice of Conveying and Suffering the Small-pox”: Inoculation as a Means of Spiritual Conversion in
Cotton Mather’s Angel of Bethesda"

Andrew M. Pisano, "Reforming the Literary Black Atlantic: Worshipful Resistance in the Transatlantic World"

Adam R. Beach, "Literary Form and the Representation of Slavery in Dryden’s Don Sebastian"

Rachael Scarborough King, "“Interloping with my Question-Project”: Debating Genre in John Dunton’s and Daniel Defoe’s Epistolary Periodicals"

Kelly E. Battles, "Anna Barbauld’s Authorial Self-Fashioning: From “fair pedagogue” to “fatidical spinster”

Samara Anne Cahill, "Novel “Modes” and “Indian Goods”: Textilic Nationalism in A Patch-Work Screen for the Ladies and The Lining of the
Patch Work Screen

Yann Robert, "Mercier’s Revolutionary Theater: Reimagining Pantomime, the Aesthetic of the Unfinished, and the Politics of the Stage"

Heidi E. Kraus, "View From the Luxembourg: David and the French Landscape Tradition:"

Jonathan Blake Fine, "The New Heathens: A Pandemic of Heresy in Late Eighteenth-Century Prussia"

Volume 43 Table of Contents

Edited by Timothy Erwin and Michelle Burnham

Paula R. Backscheider, "From The Emperor of the Moon to the Sultan’s Prison"

Sarah B. Stein " Translating the Bible to Raise the Fallen: John Dennis’s Psalm 18"

Ann Campbell "Strictly Business: Marriage, Motherhood, and Surrogate Families as Entrepreneurial Ventures in Moll Flanders"

Patricia Comitini " Imaginative Pleasurers: Fantomina, Ideology and Aesthetics"

Rebecca Dowd Geoffroy-Schwinden " Rousseau and the Revolutionary Repertoire"

Joanne E. Myers, "How Body Matters in Berkeley’s Siris"

April London, "Sarah Fielding’s Lives of Cleopatra and Octavia: Anecode and Women’s Biographical Histories"

Rori Bloom "Rewriting the Family Romance: Prostitution and Revolution in Restif de la Bretonne’s Les Filles du Palais Royal"

Sabrina Ferri, "Lazzaro Spallanzani’s Hybrid Ruins: A Scientist at Serapis and Troy The Hybridity of Ruins"

Barbara Mackey King, "Delicately Corrected and Constantly Befriended: Arthur Murphy’s Darling Dramatic Passion for Female Characters"

Karen Gevirtz, "Tidying as We Go: Constructing the Eighteenth Century through Adaptation in Becoming Jane, Gulliver’s Travels and Crusoe"

Volume 42 Table of Contents

Edited by Lisa Cody

Christopher M. S. Johns , "Erotic Spirituality and the Catholic Revival in Napoleonic Paris: The Curious History of Antonio Canova’s Penitent Magdalen"

Jeffrey M. Leichman, "Beaumarchais’ Revolution: Genre, Politics, and Theatricality in La Mère coupable"

Edmund J. Goehring, "The Jesuit and the Libertine: Some Early Reception of Mozart’s Don Giovanni"

Kristina Kleutghen, "Staging Europe: Theatricality and Painting at the Chinese Imperial Court"

Ana Elena González-Treviño "‘Kings and their crowns’: Signs of Monarchy and the Spectacle of New World Otherness in Heroic Drama and Public

Annie K. Smart, "Re-Reading Nature and Exoticism in Chateaubriand’s Voyage en Amérique: A Case for the Biophilia Effect”

Kimberly Chrisman-Campbell, "Beauty and the Beast: Animals in the Visual and Material Culture of the Toilette"

Hector Reyes, "Drawing and History in the Comte de Caylus’ Recueil d’antiquités"

Laura Miller, "Publishers and Gendered Readership in English-Language Editions of Il Newtonianismo per le Dame"

Heidi Bostic, " Graffigny’s Self, Graffigny’s Friend: Intimate Sharing in the Correspondance 1750–52"

Julie Park, "The Poetics of Enclosure in Sense and Sensibility"

Caroline Austin-Bolt, "Mediating Happiness: Performances of Jane Austen’s Narrators"

Kate C. Hamilton, "The ‘Famous Mrs. Barry’: Elizabeth Barry and Restoration Celebrity"

Volume 41 Table of Contents

Edited by Lisa Cody

Michael Yonan, "The Wieskirche: Movement, Perception, and Salvation in the Bavarian Rococo"

Sandro Jung, "Print Culture, Marketing, and Thomas Stothard’s Illustrations for The Royal Engagement Pocket Atlas, 1779-1826"

Jennifer Germann, "Tracing Marie-Éléonore Godefroid: Women’s Artistic Networks in Early Nineteenth-Century Paris"

Marc H. Lerner, "William Tell’s Atlantic Travels in the Revolutionary Era "

Katrin Berndt, "Civic Virtues in the Restless Polity: Sir Walter Scott’s Fergusonian Vision of British Civil Society in Redgauntlet (1824)"

Danielle Spratt, "Gulliver’s Economized Body: Colonial Projects and the Lusus Naturae in the Travels"

Julie Henigan, "Print and Oral Culture in the Eighteenth-Century Irish Ballad"

David A. Brewer, "Print, Performance, Personhood, Polly Honeycombe"

Zeina Hakim, "Whose Story? The Game of Fiction in Early Eighteenth-Century French Literature"

Dorothee Birke, "Direction and Diversion: Chapter Titles in Three Mid-Century English Novels by Sarah Fielding, Henry Fielding, and Charlotte Lennox"

Catherine Keohan, "Ann Yearsley’s Clifton Hill and its Lessons in Reading"

Volume 40 Table of Contents

edited by Downing Thomas and Lisa Cody

Mary D. Sheriff, Annual Clifford Lecture, " The King, the Trickster, and the Gorgon: Jean-Marc Nattier and the Illusions of Rococo Art"

Shelley King, "Portrait of a Marriage: John and Amelia Opie and the Sister Arts"

Dorothea Von Mücke, "The Power of Images in Goethe’s Elective Affinities"

Josephine Touma, "From the Playhouse to the Page: Visual Sources for Watteau’s Theatrical Universe"

Beverly Wilcox, "The Hissing of Jean-Pierre Pagin: Diderot’s Violinist Meets the Cabal at the Concert Spirituel"

Daniel O'Quinn, "Diversionary Tactics and Coercive Acts: John Burgoyne’s Fête Champêtre"

Emrys d. Jones: '“Friendship like mine / Throws all Respects behind it': Male Companionship and the Cult of Frederick Prince of Wales"

Jessica Richard, '“Putting to Hazard a Certainty': Lotteries and the Romance of Gambling in Eighteenth-Century England"

David Fairer, '“Where the Fuming Trees Refresh the Thirsty Air': The World of

David V. Hagan, "Threading the Needle: Problems in Reading Denis Diderot’s La Lettre sur les aveugles à l’usage de ceux qui voient"

Laure Marcellesi, "Louis-Sébastien Mercier: Prophet, Abolitionist, Colonialist"

Volume 39 Table of Contents

edited by Downing Thomas and Lisa Cody

Richard Barney "The Splenetic Sublime: Anne Finch, Melancholic Physiology, and Post/Modernity"

Sarah Cohen "Animal Performance in Oudry’s Illustrations to the Fables of La Fontaine"

JoLynn Edwards "The Conti Sales of 1777 and 1779 and their Impact on the Parisian Art Market"

Ingrid Tague "Companions, Servants, or Slaves?: Considering Animals in Eighteenth Century Britain"

Matthieu P. Raillard "Deism, the Sublime and the Formulation of Early Romanticism in Juan Meléndez Valdés and José Cadalso"

Romira Worvill "From Prose peinture to Dramatic tableau: Diderot, Fénelon and the Emergence of the Pictorial Aesthetic in France"

Julie Candler Hayes, "Friendship and the Female Moralist"

Teresa Michals '“Like a Spoiled Actress off the Stage”: Anti-Theatricality, Nature, and the Novel"

Adam Beach "Behn’s Oroonoko, the Gold Coast, and Slavery in the Early-Modern Atlantic World"

Eric Gidal, “A gross and barbarous composition”: Melancholy, National Character, and the Critical Reception of Hamlet in the Eighteenth Century Character"

Nicole von Germeten "Prostitution and the Captain’s Wife: A Public and Notorious Scandal in Eighteenth-Century Cartagena de Indias"

Margaret Boyle "Chronicling Women’s Containment in Bartolomé Arzans de Orsúa y Vela’s History of Potsi"

Volume 38 Table of Contents

edited by Linda Zionkowski and Downing Thomas

Dennis D. Moore, Vincent Carretta, Ugo Nwokeji, Betsy Erkkila, and Marion Rust, "Colloquy with the Author: Vincent Carretta and Equiano, the African"

Toni Bowers, "Behn’s Monmouth: Sedition, Seduction, and Tory Ideology in the 1680s"

Tita Chico "Details and Frankness: Affective Relations in Sir Charles Grandison"

Rebecca M. Mills ‘To be both Patroness and Friend’: Patronage, Friendship, and Protofeminism in the Life of Elizabeth Thomas (1675–1731)"

Catherine M. Jaffe "Noticia de la vida y obras del Conde de Rumford (1802) by María Lorenza de los Ríos, Marquesa de Fuerte-Híjar: Authorizing a Space for Female Charity"

Laura Mandell "Prayer, Feeling, Action: Anna Barbauld and the Public Worship Controvery"

Chloe Wigston Smith, "Dressing the British: Clothes, Customs, and Nation in W. H. Pyne’s The Costume of Great Britain"

Heidi E. Kraus "David’s Roman Vedute"

Elizabeth Claire "Monstrous Choreographies: Waltzing, Madness, and Miscarriage"

Douglas S. Harvey "Strolling Players in Albany, Montreal, and Quebec City, 1797 and 1810: Performance, Class, and Empire"

Woodruff D. Smith "Corruption and Eighteenth-Century Social Science: Mapping the Space of Political Economy"

Volume 37 Table of Contents

edited by Linda Zionkowski and Downing Thomas

Frank Palmeri, "Conjectural History and the Origins of Sociology"

Stuart Peterfreund, "From the Forbidden to the Familiar: The Way of Natural Theology Leading up to and beyond the Long Eighteenth Century"

Tony Brown, "The Barrows of History"

Shane Agin, "Sex Education in the Enlightened Nation"

Suzanne Pucci, "Snapshots of Family Intimacy in the French Eighteenth Century: The Case of Paul et Virginie"

Ana Hontanilla, "Images of Barbaric Spain in Eighteenth-Century English Travel Writing"

Mark Malin, "The Good, the Bad, and the Sentimental Savage: Native Americans in Representative Novels from the Spanish Enlightenment"

Simon During, "Church, State, and Modernization: English Literature as Gentlemanly Knowledge
after 1688"

Julia Rudolph, "'That Blunderbuss of Law': Giles Jacob, Abridgement, and Print Culture"

Anne H. Stevens, "Forging Literary History"

Jennifer Thorn, "'All beautiful in woe': Gender, Nation, and Phillis Wheatley's 'Niobe'"

Hilary Englert, "'This Rhapsodical Work': Object-Narrators and the Figure of Sterne"

Volume 36 Table of Contents

edited by Jeffrey Ravel and Linda Zionkowski

James Swenson "Critique, Progress, Autonomy"

Media and Messages

Eve Tavor Bannet " Printed Epistolary Manuals and the Rescripting of Manuscript Culture"

Madeleine Forell Marshall "Late Eighteenth-Century Public Reading, with Particular Attention to Sheridan's Strictures on Reading the Church Service (1789)"

Daniel Rosenberg "Joseph Priestley and the Graphic Invention of Modern Time"

Gendered Perspectives

Jennifer G. Germann " Fecund Fathers and Missing Mothers: Louis XV, Marie Leszczinska, and the Politics of Royal Parentage in the 1720s"

Mary McAlpin "Julie's Breasts, Julie’s Scars: Physiology and Character in La Nouvelle Héloïse"

Ann B. Shteir "Flora primavera or Flora meretrix? Iconography, Gender, and Science"

Religion and Commerce in Spanish America

Karen Melvin "A Potential Saint Thwarted: Religion and the Politics of Sanctity in Late-Eighteenth-Century New Spain"

Margaret R. Ewalt "Christianity, Coca, and Commerce in the Peruvian Mercury"

An Irrational fin-de-siècle?

Howard Irving "Haydn and the Politics of the Picturesque"

Richard Wittman "The Hut and the Altar: Architectural Origins and the Public Sphere in Eighteenth-Century France"

Göran Blix " The Occult Roots of Realism: Balzac, Mesmer, and Second Sight"

Volume 35 Table of Contents

edited by Jeffrey Ravel and Linda Zionkowski

ASECS Women’s Caucus Roundtable: The Career and Work of Madelyn Gutwirth

Katherine Jensen, "Introduction"

Janet Whatley, "Overview of the Career of Madelyn Gutwirth"

Karyna Szmurlo, "Reclaiming Germaine de Staël"

Sarah Maza, "Madelyn Gutwirth, Historian"

Madeleine Dobie, "The Critical Method of Madelyn Gutwirth"

Carol Blum, "In Retirement"

Madelyn Gutwirth, "Response"


Ellen Malenas, "The Plantation and the Polis: Reform Ideology and the Generic Structure in Matthew Lewis’s Journal of a West Indian Proprietor"

Vanessa Smith, "Give Us Our Daily Breadfruit: Bread Substitution in the Pacific in the Eighteenth Century"

Mark Blackwell, "The People Things Make: Locke’s An Essay Concerning Human Understanding and the Properties of the Self"

Fraser Easton, "Covering Sexual Disguise: Passing Women and Generic Constraint"

Dianne Dugaw and Amanda W. Powell, "Sapphic Self-Fashioning in the Baroque Era: Women’s Petrarchan Parody in English and Spanish, 1650–1700"

Robert G. Dimit, "'Why, you...I oughta’...': Aposiopesis and the Natural Language of the Passions, 1670–1770"

Ryan Hanley, "From Geneva to Glasgow: Rousseau and Adam Smith on the Theatre and Commercial Society"

Anne Vila, "Faux savants, femmes philosophes, & philosophes amoureux: Foibles of the philosophe on the Eighteenth-Century French Stage"

Joanna Stalnaker, "The New Paris in the Guise of the Old: Louis Sebastien Mercier from Old Regime to Revolution"

Danielle Bobker, "Carriages, Conversation, and A Sentimental Journey"

Dan Edelstein, "Hyperborean Atlantis: Jean-Sylvain Bailly, Madame Blavatsky, and the Nazi Myth"

Volume 34 Table of Contents

edited by Catherine Ingrassia and Jeffrey Ravel

Mary Helen McMurran, "Aphra Behn from Both Sides: Translation in the Atlantic World"

Lynn Festa, "Cosmetic Differences: The Changing Faces of England and France"

Rivka Swenson, "Representing Modernity in Jane Barker’s Galesia Trilogy: Jacobite Allegory and the Aesthetics of the Patch-Work Subject"

Sandra Sherman, "The Wealth of Nations in 1790s"

Jennifer Keith, "The Sins of Sensibility and the Challenge of Antislavery Poetry"

Misty Anderson, "Our Purpose is the Same: Whitefield, Foote, and the Theatricality of Methodism"

Leslie Richardson, "Leaving her Father’s House: Locke, Astell, and Clarissa’s Body Politic"

Tili Boon Cuillé, "La Vraisemblance du merveilleux: Operatic Aesthetics in Cazotte’s Fantastic Fiction"

Alan Sikes, "Snip Snip Here, Snip Snip There, and a Couple of Tra La Las: The Rise and Fall of the Castrato Singer"

W. B.Gerard, '"All that the heart wishes': Changing Views toward Sentimentality Reflected in Visualizations of Sterne’s Maria, 1773-1888"

Simon Dickie, "Joseph Andrews and the Great Laughter Debate"

Volume 33 Table of Contents

edited by Catherine Ingrassia and Jeffrey Ravel

Neil Saccamano, "'Le plus fort lien': Sentimental Fixation and Spectacles of Suffering in Les Liaisons dangereuses"

Melissa K. Downes, "Ladies of Ill-Repute: The South Sea Bubble, The Caribbean, and The Jamaica Lady"

Susan C. Greenfield, "Money or Mind? Cecilia, the Novel, and the Real Madness of Selfhood"

Laura Schattschneider, "The Infant’s Petitions: An English Poetics of Foundling Reception, 1741-1837"

Geoffrey Turnovsky, "Marginal Writers and the ‘Literary Market’: Defining a New Field of Authorship in Eighteenth-Century France"

Caroline Weber, "Dreams of Stone: Femininity in the Eighteenth-Century Sculptural Imagination"

James Mulholland, “‘To Sing the Toils of Each Revolving Year’: Song and Poetic Authority in Stephen Duck’s ‘The Thresher’s Labour’”

George E. Haggerty, "Epistolary Relations: Walpole and Cole"

April Shelford, "Sea Tales: Nature and Liberty in a Seaman’s Journal"

Barbara Benedict, "Wants and Goods: Advertisement and Desire in Haywood and Defoe"

Laurence Mall, "Prévost ou l’exotisme tragique: l’épisode américain dans Cleveland"

Ted Emery, "Casanova, the Novel, and the Woman as Desiring Subject: The Case
of Bettina"

Alexander H. Pitofsky, "'What Do You Think Laws Were Made For?': Prison Reform Discourse
and the English Jacobin Novel"

Jeffrey Barnouw, "Learning from Experience, or Not: from Chrysippus to Rasselas"

Meditations on Beauty

Timothy Erwin, "The Ecliptic of the Beautiful"

Adam Komisaruk, "Pygmalion’s 'Wanton Kind of Chace': Hogarth, Rowlandson and the 'Line of Beauty'"

David Porter, "A Wanton Chase in a Foreign Place: Hogarth and the Gendering of Exoticism"

Peter C. Sonderen, "The Return of Beauty. Purity and the Neo-classical Foundation of Modern Art"

Volume 32
Table of Contents

edited by Ourida Mostefai and Catherine Ingrassia

Women’s Credit

Jennie Batchelor, "Fashion and Frugality: Eighteenth-Century Pocket Books for Women"

Leslie Richardson, '"Who Shall Restore My Lost Credit:' Rape, Reputation, and the Marriage Market"

Betty Schellenberg , "Making Good Use of History: Sarah Robinson Scott in the Republic of Letters"

Paola Giuli , "Women Poets and Improvisers: Cultural Assumptions and Literary Values in Arcadia"

Viewing Bodies

Candace Ward, '"Cruel Disorder': Female Bodies, Eighteenth-Century Fever Narratives, and the Novel of Sensibility"

Rebecca Messbarger, "Re-membering a Body of Work: Master Anatomist Anna Morandi Manzolini"

Geraldine Sheridan, "Views of women at work by the royal academicians: the collection Descriptions des arts et métiers"

Joanna Stalnaker , "Painting Life, Describing Death: Painting Life, Describing Death: Problems of Representation and Style in the Histoire naturelle"

Joyce MacDonald, "Public Wounds: Sexual Bodies and the Origins of State in Nathaniel Lee’s Lucius Junius Brutus"

Politics & History

Franca Barricelli, "Imperial Mythologies: Ethnicity and Rebellion on the Eighteenth- Century Venetian Stage"

D.B. Haley, "Was Dryden a 'Cryptopapist'in 1681?"

William Chew, "Yankees Caught in the Crossfire: The Trials and Travails of Americans in Revolutionary and Napoleonic France"

John Crowley, "Picturing the Caribbean in the Global British Landscape"

Johann Reusch, "Exotic Islands and the Stranded Traveler in the Works of Caspar David Friedrich and Gotthard Ludwig Kosegarten"

Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture (SECC)
Volume 31 Table of Contents

edited by Ourida Mostefai and Catherine Ingrassia

James E. Evans, "A sceane of uttmost vanity: The Spectacle of Gambling in Late Stuart Culture"

Beth Kowaleski Wallace, "A Modest Defence of Gaming Women"

Catherine Keohane, "Spare from your luxuries: Women, Charity, and Spending in the Eighteenth Century"

Brijraj Singh, "One Soul, not tho'one Soyl? International Protestantism and Ecumenism at the Beginning of the Eighteenth Century"

Daniel J. Ennis, "Poetry and American Revolutionary Identity: The Case of Phillis Wheatley and John Paul Jones"

Leanne Maunu, "Quelling the French Threat in Frances Burney's Evelina"

Reginald McGinnis, "The Critique of Originality in French Letters"

John R. Iverson, "The First French Literary Centenary: National Sentiment and the Molière Celebration of 1773"

Joe Johnson, "Philosophical Reflection, Happiness, and Male Friendship in Prèvost's Manon Lescaut"

J. David Macey, Jr., "Et in Arcadia Ego?: Thomas Amory, Mary Hamilton, and the (Re)Construction of Arcadia"

Howard Irving, "John Marsh and the Ancient-Modern Polemic"

Amy Wyngaard, "Revising Rousseau: Young Legrand d'Aussy, and the Challenge to Enlightenment Constructions of the Peasantry, 1787-1794"

Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture
Volume 30 Table of Contents

edited by Timothy Erwin
and Ourida Mostefai

The Geography of Enlightenment

Heather I. Sullivan, "Ruins and the Construction of Time: Geological and Literary Perspectives in the Age of Goethe"

Laura Laffrado, "Constructing the Subaltern: White Creole Culture and Raced Capitivity in Eighteenth-Century Dutch Suriname"

Mitzi Myers, "Gendering the 'Union of Hearts': Irish Politics between the Public and Private Spheres"

Cynthia Richards, "Fair Trade: The Language of Love and Commerce in Mary Wollstonecraft's Letters Written during a Short Residence in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark"

A. Owen Aldridge, "John Adams Confronts Turgot"

Jenny Davidson, "Swift's Servant Problem: Livery and Hypocrisy in the Project for the Advancement of Religion and the Directions to Servants"

G. Gabrielle Starr, "Clarissa's Relics and Lyric Community"

James Tierney, "Advertisements for Books in London Newspapers, 1760-1785"

Elizabeth Krimmer, "Officer and Lady: Pants and Politics in Caroline de lay Motte-Fouque's Das Heldenmadchen aus der Vendee"

Juliette, Merritt, "Spying, Writing, Authority: Eliza Haywood's Bath Intriques"

John Bryce Jordan, "'Is He no Man?' Toward an Apprecation of Male Effeminacy in English Dance History"

David Paxman, "Lancashire Spiritual Culture and the Question of Magic"

Katharine M. Morsberger, "Parallel Forces: Identity and Authority in Roland Barthes and Tristram Shady"

Scott Black, "Addision's Aesthetics of Novelty"

Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture (SECC)
Volume 29 Table of Contents

edited by Timothy Erwin
and Ourida Mostefai

Literature and Medicine

Elizabeth Williams, "Physicians, Vitalism, and Gender in the Salon"

Karen Dwyer, "Joanna Baillie’s Plays on the Passions and the Spectacle of Human Science"

Wayne Wild, "Doctor-Patient Correspondence in Eighteenth-Century Britain: A Change in Rhetoric and Relationship"

Pam Lieske, "Configuring Women: William Smellie’s Obstetrical Machines and the Poor"

Leah Price, "Downsizing the Epistolary Novel: Reading (and Not Reading) Richardson, 1765–1868"

Jennifer Davis Michael, "The Corporeal City in Blake’s Milton and Jerusalem"

Joanna Picciotto, "Optical Instruments and the Eighteenth-Century Observer"

Lorraine Piroux, "Performing Truth: Rousseau’s ‘Theatre Sauvage’ in La Lettre a d’Alembert sur les Spectacles"

Nadine Berenguier, "The Politics of Happy Matrimony: Cerfvol’s Gamologie ou l’education des filles destinees au mariage"

Paul McCallum, "Historical Pattern as Political Rhetoric: Tory Uses of the Restoration Trope"

Lisa Berglund, "Writing to Mr. Rambler: Samuel Johnson and Exemplary Autobiography"

Geoffrey Sill, "Roxana’s Susan: Whose Daughter is She Anyway?"

Sara K. Austin, "‘All Wove into One’: Camilla, the Prose Epic, and Family Values"

Heather McPherson, "Masculinity, Feminity, and the Tragic Sublime: Reinventing Lady Macbeth"

Robert Wokler, "Ernst Cassirer's Enlightenment: An Exchange with Bruce Mazlish"

Bruce Mazlish, "Ernst Cassirer's Enlightenment: An Exchange with Robert Wokler"

Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture (SECC)
Volume 28 Table of Contents

edited by Julie C. Hayes and Timothy Erwin

Public Inwardness, Intimate Scripts

Suzanne Kiernan, "The Ridiculous, the Sublime, the Modern: Aspects of Italian Culture in the Early Eighteenth Century"

David Porter, "Chinoiserie and the Aesthetics of Illegitimacy"

James G. Turner, "Pictorial Prostitution: Visual Culture, Vigilantism, and 'Pornography' in Dunton's Night Walker"

Judith C. Mueller, "The Fallen Man: Representations of Male Impotence in Britain"

Lisa Cody, "'No Cure, No Money,' or the Invisible Hand of Quackery: The Language of Commerce, Credit, and Cash in Eighteenth-Century British Medical Advertisements"

Eleanor F. Shevlin, "'Imaginary Productions' and 'Minute Contrivances': Law, Fiction, and Property in 18th Century England"

Elizabeth Child, "'To Sing the Town': Women, Place, and Print Culture in Eighteenth-Century Bath"

Annette Weir, "Eighteenth-Century German Guild Culture as Revealed by a Cabinetmakers' Guild Chest"

John R. Iverson, "Voltaire, Fontenoy, and the Crisis of Celebratory Verse"

Patrick Riley, "The Inversion of Conversion: Rousseau's Rewriting of Augustinian Autobiography"

Scarlett Bowen, "'A Sawce-Box and a Boldface Indeed': Refiguring the Female Servant in the Pamela-Antipamela Debate."

Paul Baines, "'This Theatre of Monstrous Guilt': Horace Walpole and the Drama of Incest"

Evan Radcliffe, "Burke, Radical Cosmopolitanism, and the Debates on Patriotism in the 1790s"

Peter Messer, "Writing Women Into History: Defining Gender and Citizenship in Post-Revolutionary America"

Peter Hanns Reill, "Vitalizing Nature and Naturalizing the Humanities in the Late Eighteenth Century"


Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture (SECC)
Volume 27 Table of Contents

edited by Julie C. Hayes and Timothy Erwin

Elizabeth L. Eisenstein "Gods, Devils, and Gutenberg: The Eighteenth Century Confronts the Printing Press."
(1996 Clifford Lecture)

Philip Woodfine "'Suspicious Latitudes': Commerce, Colonies and Patriotism in the 1730s"

Geoffrey Plank "The Changing Country of Anthony Casteel: Language, Religion, Geography, Political Loyalty in Mid-Eighteenth Century Nova Scotia"

Susan Lamb "`Be such a Man as I': Mademoiselle Makes the Tour of Europe in Men's Clothes"

Raymond Stephanson "The Symbolic Structure of Eighteenth-Century Male Creativity: Pregnant Men, Brain-Wombs, and Female Muses (with some Comments on Pope's Dunciad)"

Charlotte Sussman "The Art of Oblivion: Charlotte Smith and Helen of Troy"

Richard Morton "'Bringing Virgil over into Britain': John Dryden Refigures Aeneids I-V"

Rebecca Connor "'Can you apply Arithmetick to Every Thing?': Accounting and Fixed Value in Moll Flanders"

Theodore E. D. Braun "Voltaire's Zadig, Chaos Theory, and the Problem of Determinism vs. Free-Will"

Alan T. McKenzie and Ann T. McKenzie "'Nature doth everywhere geometrize': Crystals, Crystallization, and Crystallography in the Long Eighteenth Century"

James Dillon "'The Highest Province of Benevolence': Charles Brockden Brown's Fictional Theory"

Gregory S. Brown "Dramatic Authorship and the Honor of Men of Letters in Eighteenth-Century France"

Diane Fourny "Ethics and Otherness: An Exploration of Diderot's Conte moral"

Beate Allert "Theorizing Visual Language in George Berkeley and Jean Paul"

Julie Rak "The Improving Eye: Eighteenth-Century Picturesque Travel and Agricultural Change in the Scottish Highlands"

Richard Quaintance "Humphry Repton, 'any Mr. Repton,' and the 'Improvement' Metonym in Mansfield Park"




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