Past Prize Winners


2015-17 - Jane Kamensky, A Revolution in Color: The World of John Singleton Copley, published by W.W. Norton and Company.

2013-15 - Co-Winners -- John B. Radner, Johnson and Boswell published by Yale University Press AND Michael Kwass, Contraband, Louis Mandrin and the Making of a Global Underground published by Harvard University Press

2011-13 - Nicholas Phillipson, Adam Smith: An Enlightened Life published by Yale University Press

2010 - William McCarthy’s Anna Letitia Barbauld: Voice of the Enlightenment published by the Johns Hopkins University Press.

Honorable Mention to Douglas Smith, The Pearl published by Yale University Press.

2006-08 - Joyce Chaplin, The First Scientific American: Benjamin Franklin and the Pursuite of Genius published by Basic Books.

2004-06 - Co-winners: Vincent Carretta, Equiano The African: Biography of a Self-Made Man published by the University of Georgia Press and Allan Greer, Mohawk Saint: Catherine Tekakwitha and the Jesuits published by the Oxford University Press

2002-04 - George Marsden, University of Notre Dame, Jonathan Edwards A Life (Yale University Press)

2000-2002 - Nicholas Boyle, University of Cambridge, Goethe, The Poet and the Age, Volume II, Revolution and Renunciation, 1790-1803 (Oxford University Press)

1997-2000 - Nina Rattner Gelbart, Occidental College, The King's Midwife (University of California Press)

1995-97 - Lloyd Kramer, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Layfette in Two Worlds (University of North Carolina Press) and Richard Wendorf, Librarian - Houghton Library and Senior Lecturer on the Fine Arts, Harvard University, Sir Joshua Reynolds (Harvard University Press)


2016-17 David Brewer, Rethinking Fictionality in the Eighteenth-Century Puppet Theatre, published in The Afterlives of Eighteenth-Century Fiction

2015-16 Aaron Wile, “Watteau, Reverie and Selfhood” Published in The Art Bulletin

2014-15 Paola Bertucci, Enlightened Secrets: Silk Intelligent Travel, and Industrial Espionage in Eighteenth-Century France published in Technology and Culture

2013-14 - Melissa Mowry, "Past Remembrance or History: Aphra Behn's The Widdow Ranter or ow the Collective Lost its Honor"

2012-13 - Rebecca Messbarger, "The Re-Birth of Venus in Florence's Royal Museum of Physics and Natural History" published by the Journal of History of Collections

2011-12 - Melinda Alliker Rabb, "Parting Shots: Eighteenth-Century Displacements of the Male Body at War" published by ELH 78.

2010-11 - Co-Winners:  Andrew Curran, “Rethinking Race History: The Role of the Albino in the French Enlightenment Life Sciences” published by History and Theory and Pekka Hämäläinen, “The Politics of Grass: European Expansion, Ecological Change, and Indigenous Power in the Southwest Borderlands” published by William and Mary Quarterly.

2009-10 - Suzanne Desan "Transatlantic Spaces of Revolution: The French Revolution, Sciotomanie, and American Lands" published by the Journal of Early Modern History.

2008-09 - Sean R. Silver "Locke's Pineapple and the History of Taste" published by The Eighteenth-Century. Honorable Mention to Richard Taws "Trompe-l'Oeil and Trauma: Money and Memory after the Terror published by Oxford Art Journal.

2007-08 - Co-winners: Catherine Molineux for "Pleasures of the Smoke: “Black Virginians” in Georgian London’s Tobacco Shops" and William A. Pettigrew for "Free to Enslave: Politics and the Escalation of Britain’s Transatlantic Slave Trade, 1688-1714" both published by William and Mary Quarterly.

2006-07 - Co-winners: Lauren Clay, "Provincial Actors, the Comédie-Française, and the Business of Performing in Eighteenth-Century France" published by Eighteenth-Century Studies and Mike Goode, "Blakespotting" published by PMLA.

2005-06 - Co-winners: Sarah Cohen, “Chardin’s Fur: Painting, Materialism and the Question of Animal Soul” published by Eighteenth-Century Studies and Lynn Festa, “Personal Effect: Wigs and Possessive Individualism in the Long Eighteenth Century” published by Eighteenth-Century Life.

2004-05 - Mark Blackwell, "Extraneous Bodies: The Contagion of Live-Tooth Transplatation in Late Eighteenth-Century England" (Published by Eighteenth-Century Life); Honorable Mention: Charlotte Sussman, "The Colonial Afterlife of Political Arithmetic: Swift, Demography and Mobile Populations" (Published by Cultural Critique 56, Winter 2004); Jeremy D. Popkin, "Facing Racial Revolution: Captivity Narratives and Identity in The Saint-Dominque Insurrection" (Published by Eighteenth-Century Studies, vol. 36, no. 4); Michael Kwass, "Consumption and the World of Ideas" (Published by Eighteenth-Century Studies)

2003-04 - Gregory S. Brown, “Reconsidering Censorship of Writers in Eighteenth-Century France” (Journal of Modern History)

2002-03 - Georgia Cowart, "Watteau's Pilgrimage to Cythera and the Subversive Utopia of the Opera-Ballet" (Art Bulletin)

2001-02- A. Roger Ekirch, "Sleep We have Lost: Pre-Industrial Slumber in the British Isles" (The American Historical Review)

2000-01 - Dror Wahrman, "Gender in Translation: How the English Wrote Their Juvenal, 1644- 1815" (Representations 65)

1999-2000 - John Crowley, "The Sensibility of Comfort" (The American Historical Review), Vol. 104, No. 3, 6/99

1998-99 - James Schmidt, "Cabbage Heads and Gulps of Water: Hegel on the Terror" (Political Theory), 26 (1998) 4-32

1997-98 - Holly Brewer, "Entailing Aristocracy in Colonial Virginia: " Ancient Feudal Restraints" And Revolutionary Reform" (William and Mary Quarterly, April 1997); Honorable Mention: Paul Baines, "'Our Annius': Antiquaries and Fraud in the Eighteenth Century" British Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies (Spring 1997).

1996-97 - Mark Salber Phillips, "Reconsiderations on History and Antiquarianism: Arnaldo Momigliano and the Historiography of Eighteenth-Century Britain" (Journal of the History of Ideas, 1996).

1995-96 - Julia Douthwaite, "Rewriting the Savage: The Extraordinary Fictions of the 'Wild Girl of Champagne"' (ECS, Winter 1994-95); Honorable Mention: Michael McKeon, "Historicizing Patriarchy: The Emergence of Gender Difference in England, 1660-1760, Eighteenth-Century Studies (Spring 1995)

1994-95 - Christie McDonald, "The Anxiety of Change: Reconfiguring Family Relations in Beaumarchais's Trilogy, " Modern Language Quarterly: A Journal of Literary History (March 1994);Honorable Mention: Linda Merians, "What They Are, Who We Are: Representations of the 'Hottentot' in Eighteenth-Century Britain," Eighteenth-Century Life (November 1993)

1993-94 - Trevor Ross, "Copyright and the Invention of Tradition," Eighteenth-Century Studies (Fall 1992).

1992-93 - Dennis Todd, "The Hairy Maid at the Harpsichord: Some Speculations on the Meanings Of Gulliver's Travels," Texas Studies in Literature and Language (University of Texas Press, Summer 1992); Honorable Mention: Dena Goodman, "Public Sphere and Private Life: Toward A Synthesis of Current Historiographical Approaches to the Old Regime" published in History and Theory.

1991-92 - Regina Janes, Beheadings," Representations (Summer 1991). Honorable Mention: Londa Schiebinger, "The Private Life of Plants: Sexual Politics in Carl Linnaeus and Erasmus Darwin" published in Science and Sensibility.

1990-91 - William Epstein, "Counter-Intelligence: Cold-War Criticism and Eighteenth-Century Studies" (Spring 1990).

1989-90 - Bernadette Fort, "Voice of the Public: The Carnivalization of Salon Art in Prerevolutionary Pamphlets," Eighteenth-Century Studies (Spring 1989). Honorable Mention: Dena Goodman, "Enlightenment Salons: The Convergence of Female and Philosophic Ambitions," Eighteenth-Century Studies 22: The French Revolution in Culture, ed. Lynn Hunt (Spring 1989): 329-50.

1988-89 - Daniel W. Howe, "The Political Psychology of The Federalist," William and Mary Quarterly (July 1987).

1987-88 - Terry Castle, "The Female Thermometer," Representations (Winter 1987); Honorable Mention: Yvonne Korshak, "Paris and Helen by Jacques Louis David: Choice and Judgment on the Eve of the French Revolution" published in the Art Bulletin, Vol. 69.

1986-87 - Shared by Syndy McMillen Conger, "The Sorrows of Young Charlotte: Werther's English Sisters 1785-1805," Goethe Yearbook (Spring 1986) and G.S. Rousseau, "The Pursuit of Homosexuality in the Eighteenth Century: 'Utterly Confused Category' and/or Rich Repository?", Eighteenth-Century Life (May 1985); Honorable Mention: Annabel Patterson, "Pastoral and Ideology: The Neoclassical Fete Champetre" Huntington Library Quarterly.

1985-86 - Joseph M. Levine, "The Battle of the Books and the Shield of Achilles," Eighteenth-Life (October 1984); Honorable Mention: Terry Castle, "The Carnivalization of Eighteenth-Century English Narrative" published in PMLA, Vol. 99.

1984-85 - John Barrell, "The Functions of Art in a Commercial Society: The Writings of James Barry," The Eighteenth Century: Theory and Interpretation; Honorable Mention: Steven Blakemore, "Burke and the Fall of Language: The French Revolution as Linguistic Event"

1983-84 - Frederick Bogel, "Dulness Unbound: Rhetoric and Pope's Dunciad," PMLA (October 1982); Honorable Mention: Howard D. Weinbrot, "Masked Men and Saitre and Pope: Toward a Historical Basis for the Eighteenth Century Persona" published in Eighteenth-Century Studies.

1982-83 - Joel H. Baer, "'The Complicated Plot of Piracy:' Aspects of English Criminal Law And the Image of the Pirate in Defoe," The Eighteenth-Century: Theory and Interpretation (Winter 1982); Honorable Mention: Elizabeth W. Harries, "Sterne's Novels: Gathering Up the Fragments", ELH 49 (1982)

1981-82 - Calvin Seerveld, "Telltale Statues in Watteau's Painting," Eighteenth-Century Studies, (Winter 1980-81); Honorable Mention: Margaret Jacob, "Clandestine Culture in the Early Enlightenment"

1980-81 - Issac Kramnick, "Children's Literature and Bourgeous Ideology: Observations on Culture And Industrial Capitalism in the Later Eighteenth Century," Culture and Politics from Puritanism to the Enlightenment, edited by Perez Zagorin (University of California Press, 1980); Honorable Mention: Dale Van Kley, "Church, State, and the Ideological Origins of the French Revolution: The Debate Over the General Assembly of the Gallican Clergy in 1765" published in Journal of Modern History.

1979-80 - Carole Fabricant, "Binding and Dressing Nature's Loose Tresses: The Ideology of
Augustan Landscape Design," Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture, edited by Roseann Runte (University of Wisconsin Press 1979).

1978-79 - Barbara Maria Stafford, "Toward Romantic Landscape Perception: Illustrated Travels and the Rise of Singularity as an Aesthetic Category," The Art Quarterly (Autumn 1977.

1977-78 - Judith Colton, "Merlin's Cave and Queen Caroline: Garden Art as Political Propaganda," Eighteenth-Century Studies (Fall 1976).



2016-17 - John O’Brien, Literature Incorporated: The Cultural Unconscious of the Business Corporation, 1650-1850 published by the University of Chicago

2015-16 - Rebecca Spang, Stuff and Money in the Time of the French Revolution published by Harvard University Press

2015-16 - Honorable Mention - Susan S. Lanser, The Sexuality of History: Modernity and the Sapphic, 1565-1830 published by The University of Chicago Press

2014-15 - Vittoria Di Palma, Wasteland: A History published by Yale University Press

2013-14 - William B. Warner, Protocols of Liberty: Communication Innovation and the American Revolution, published by the University of Chicago Press.

2012-13 - Nicholas D. Paige, Before Fiction: The Ancien Regime of the Novel, published by the University of Pennsylvania Press

2011-12 - David Eltis and David Richardson, Atlas of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, published by Yale University Press

2010-11 - Margaret Cohen, The Novel and the Sea, published by Princeton University Press.

2009-10 - David Hancock, Oceans of Wine: Madeira and the Emergence of American Trade and Taste, published by Yale University Press.

2008-09 - Vincent Brown, The Reaper's Garden: Death and Power in the World of Atlantic Slavery published by Harvard University Press.

2007-08 - David A. Bell, The First Total War published by Houghton Mifflin Company

2006-07 - Martin Brückner, The Geographic Revolution in Early America published by the University of North Carolina Press.   Honorable Mention to Michael McKeon, The Secret History of Domesticity: Public, Private, and the Division of Knowledge published by Johns Hopkins University Press.

2005-06 - David Marshall, The Frame of Art: Fictions of Aesthetic Experience, 1750-1815, published by the Johns Hopkins University Press.

2004-05 - Dror Wahrman, The Making of the Modern Self: Identity and Culture in Eighteenth-Century England (Yale University Press, 2004)

2003-04 - Mary Terrall, The Man Who Flattened the Earth (University of Chicago Press)

2002-03 - Ellen T. Harris, Handel as Orpheus: Voice and Desire in the Chamber Cantatas (Harvard University Press)

2001-02 - Daniel K. Richter, Facing East from Indian Country (Harvard University Press, 2001)

2000-01 - Rebecca L. Spang, The Invention of the Restaurant: Paris and Modern Gastronomic Culture (Harvard University Press, 2000)

1999-2000 - Mary Poovey, A History of the Modern Fact (The University of Chicago Press)

1998-99 - Adrian Johns, The Nature of the Book: Print and Knowledge in the Making (The University of Chicago Press)

1997-98 - Stuart Sherman, Telling Time Clocks Diaries and English Diurnal Form 1660-1785 (The University of Chicago Press)

1996-97 - Steven L. Kaplan, The Bakers of Paris and the Bread Question 1700-1775 (Cornell University Press)

1995-96 - Susan Juster, Disorderly Women: Sexual Politics and Evangelicalism in Revolutionary New England (University of Michigan)

1994-95 - Daniel Vickers, Farmers and Fishermen: Two Centuries of Work in Essex County, Massachusetts, 1630-1850 (The University of North Carolina Press)

1993-94 - Gananath Obeyesekere, The Apotheosis of Captain Cook: European Mythmaking in the Pacific (Princeton University Press) Honorable Mention to Madelyn Gutwirth, The Twilight of the Goddesses: Women and Representation in the French Revolutionary Era (Rutgers University Press)

1991-93 - Shared by Joseph M. Levin, The Battle of the Books: History and Literature in the Augustan Age (Cornell University Press) and Barbara Maria Stafford, Body Criticism: Imaging the Unseen in Enlightenment Art and Medicine (MIT Press)

1990-91- J. Paul Hunter, Before Novels: The Cultural Contexts of Eighteenth-Century English Fiction (W.W. Norton)

1989-90 - Shared by Felicity A. Nussbaum, The Autobiographical Subject: Gender and Ideology in Eighteenth-Century England (JJohn Hopkins University Press) and Jeremy D. Popkin, News and Politics in the Age of Revolution (Cornell University Press)

1988-89 - Damie Stillman, English Neo-Classical Architecture. 2 Vols. (Zwemmer)

1987-88 - John Bender, Imagining the Pentitentiary: Fiction and the Architecture of Mind I Eighteenth-Century England (University of Chicago Press)

1986-87 - J.M. Beattie, Crime and the Courts in England, 1660-1800 (Princeton University Press)

1985-86 - Michael Mooney, Vico in the Tradition of Rhetoric ((Princeton University Press)

1984-85 - David B. Morris, Alexander Pope: The Genius of Sense (Harvard University Press)

1983-84 - Irvin Ehrenpreis, Swift: The Man, His Work, and the Age (Harvard University Press)

1982-83- John Sitter, Literary Loneliness in Mid-Eighteenth-Century England (Cornell University Press)

1981-82 - H.C. Robbins Landon, Haydn: A Documentary Study (Rizzoli International Publications)

1980-81 - Michael Fried, Absorption and Theatricality: Painting and Beholder in the Age of Diderot (University of California Press)

1979-80 - James L. Clifford, Dictionary Johnson: Samuel Johnson's Middle Years (McGraw-Hill)

1978-79 - Morris R. Brownell, Alexander Pope and the Arts of Georgian England (Clarendon Press)

1977-78 - John G.A. Pocock, The Political Writings of James Harrington (Cambridge University Press)

1976-77 - Margaret C. Jacob, The Newtonians and the English Revolution, 1689-1720 (Cornell University Press).


2016-17 -

2015-16 - Tracey Hutchings-Goetz "Feeling the Feline: Or, Catching the Cat in Eighteenth-Century Sensualist Philosophy"

2014 - 15 - Michael Nicholson "Occasional Time: Fugitive Poetics from Walpole to Byron".

2013-14 - Hyejin Lee, Univrsity of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, "Instrument as Ornament: Barometers and Luxury of Weather-Watching"

2012-13 - Jason Farr, University of California, San Diego, "William Hay's Critique of the Ugly Club"

2011-12 - Jessie Reeder, University of Wisconsin, Madison "Juxtaposed Histories: Barbauld at the Crossroads of Latin American Independence.

Honorable mention to Kevin Bourque, University of Texas at Austin, "Kitty Fisher, the Making of Public Beauty, and the Viral Nature of Eighteenth-Century Celebrity" AND Glenda Goodman, Harvard University, "The Economy of Accomplishment: Aesthetics and Labor in Women's Musical Lives"

2010-11 - Shirley F. Tung, "Manuscripts 'Mangle'd and falsify'd': Lady Mary Wortle Montagu's '1736 Address'd To--' and The London Magazine"

2009-10 - Sarah Nicolazzo, "Bodies that Suffer: Affects and Aesthetics of Slavery in James Grainger's The Sugar Cane"

2008-09 - Anna Foy, "Georgic Joining: 'Amorous Dalliance' and the 'Wild Banshaw' in James Grainger's The Sugar Cane (1764)

2007-08 - Brian Repetto "Butchering the Nation: Masculinity, Radicalism, and a Fissure in National Identify in 1784"

2006-07 - Will Slauter "News and Speculation in the Age of the American Revolution"

2005-06 - Co-winners - Christopher Loar “Technology and the Foundations of Government; The Politics of Violence in Gulliver’s Travels” and Guy Tal “Disease and Disbelief in Francesco Goya’s Witchcraft Series

2004-05 - Nicole Horejsi - "Exoticizing the English and Domesticating the Foreign: Clara Reeve's Progress of Romance and the Creation of a National Genre"

2003-04 - Nancy W. Collins – “Sociability Transformed: How Le Souper became Le Salon”

2002-03 - No prize was awarded

2001-02 - Diana Solomon, "'Wiser Way to Make you Willing': The Restoration Actress's Comic Deliver of Prologues and Epilogues"

2000-01 - Joanna Stalnaker, "Description and Indefinition: Representational Ambiguity in Buffon's Natural History"

1999-2000 - Geoffrey Turnovsky, "Reconsidering the Literary Underground in France, 1750-1789"

1998-99 - Elliott Visconsi, "'Shall we render obedience to such a degenerate race?': Absolutism and English Barbarism in Behn's Oroonoko."

1997-98 - Wayne Wild, "Doctor-Patient Correspondence in Eighteenth-Century Britain: A Change in Rhetoric and Relationship"

1996-97 - James R. Otteson, "The Recurring 'Adams Smith Problem'"

1995-96 - T. Christopher Bond, "Establishing a Genre: The Scientific Essay in Hans Sloane's Philosophical Transactions

1994-95 - Irene Fizer, "Animal Husbandry, Hybrid Wives: Emma's Technologies of Breeding and 18th-Century Science"

1993-94 - Lee Morrissey, "Reading Stonehenge: Toward an Archaeology of Gray's Elegy"

1992-93 - (None Awarded)

1991-92 - Irene Fizer, "Domesticity Before, During, and After the American Revolution

1990-91 - Elizabeth Heckendorn Cook, "Writing the Space of the 'Natural': The Natural History of Selborne

1988 - Anne Himmelfarb, "Speculative Fiction, the Prose Dialogue"


2016-17 - Victoria Barnett-Woods, "Justice on Trial: Obeah and Colonial Law in British Guiana

2015-16 - No prize given

2014-15 - No prize given

2013-14 - No prize given

2012-13 - No prize given

2011-12 - Devjani Roy, "'Thou Proteus!': The Performance of Forgery in Georgiana Cavendish's The Sylph"

2010-11 - No prize given

2009-10 - No prize given

2008-09 - Michelle Granshaw "General Creole: Jon H. Nichols’s Political Plays in the Early American Republic"

2007-08 - Joan G. Gonzalez "The Modern Trajan: Napoleonic Propaganda in Le Triomphe de Trajan"

2006-07 - Crystal Lake "Redecorating the Ruin: Women and Antiquarianism in Sarah Scott's Millenium Hall"

2005-06 - CoWinners – Wing Sze Leung “Perfectibility and Rousseau’s Conceptions of Human Nature and Nature” and Michelle Syba “After Design: Addison’s Critical Pursuit of Beauties”

2004-05 - Gefen Bar-On - "True Light; True Method: The Impact of Newtonianism on the Editing of Shakespear in Eighteenth-Century England"


2016-17 - Dennis Moore

2015-16 - Mark Vareschi

2014-15 - Helen Deutsch

2013-14 - Wolfram Schmidgen

2012-13 - Marion Rust

2011-12 - James Engell

2010 - 11 - Elizabeth Maddock Dillon

2009-10 - O.M. Brack, Jr.

2008-09 - Katherine Arens

2007-08 -Felicity Nussbaum



Kevin Bourque - Enlightenment Appetites

Deirdre Loughridge - Eighteenth-Century Origins

Robin Runia - Writing Women and Race


Catherine Ingrassia - Cultures of Captivity in the Long Eighteenth Century

Kailan Rubinoff - Music and the Grand Tour

Jane Wessel and Matthew J. Kinservik - Making Shakespeare


Michael Gavin – Modeling Literary History: Quantitative Approaches to the Enlightenment

Estelle Joubert – Music in the Global Eighteenth Century: A New Course Proposal.

Sean Silver – The Novel and the Museum


Peggy Schaller Elliott, "Teaching Modern Strategies through Early Modern Fairy Tales"

Courtney Weiss Smith "Science and/as Literature in Early Modern England"

Steven Thomas, "Pirates, Puritans, and the Revolutionary Atlantic World"


Gillian Paku, "Authorial Identity: What's in a Name?"
Marvin Lansverk, "Storytelling the Eighteenth Century: Novelists, Narratives, and the Rise of the Novel"
Fiona Ritchie and Thomas Fish, "Popular Entertainment in the Long Eighteenth Century"


Susan Lanser and Jane Kamensky, "London in the Long Eighteenth-Century: People, Culture, City"
Janie Vanpee, "Re-Membering Marie Antoinette"
Zach Hutchins, "American Love Letters"

2010 - 11

Richard BELL, University of Maryland, “Pursuits of Happiness: Ordinary Lives in the American Revolution”
Roger SCHMIDT, Idaho State University, “How to Forge a Jane Austen Manuscript”
Katharine HAMERTON, Columbia College, Chicago, “Taste and Consumption in French History”
Honorable Mention: Mary Trouille, “The Eighteenth-Century on Film”


Paula Loscocco, "Special Victims"
Nicholas D. Nace, "Pamela and Lolita"
Pascale Rihouet, "Eighteenth-Century French Art"


David A. Brewer, "Novelistic Markets and Pleasure"
Sarah Day-O'Connell, Listening to Music In/Of the Eighteenth Century: Destablizing the Survey, Grounding the Topic Course"
Kathryn Lowerre, Music in London during the 'Long'Eighteenth-Century, 1660-1814"


Rachel Crawford, “Teaching Eighteenth-Century British Literature and Cartography”
Christine Jones, “Dramatis Personae: An Online Performance Archive”
Clorinda Donato, Tim Keirn, and Norbert Schürer, “The Global Eighteenth Century”


John Patrick Greene, "Discovering the Exotic in the Eighteenth Century"
Andrew Hottle, "The Adventures of an Eighteenth-Century Woman"
Christine Lupton, "Everyday Life and the Eighteenth Century"


Anthony Krupp, “Philosophies of Childhood in the Eighteenth-Century”
Cameron McFarlane and Lisa Zeitz “Performing the Past: Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Dramas”
Amy Witherbee – Hogarth’s Eighteenth Century”


Amy Wolf – “The Coffeehouse Culture of Eighteenth-Century England”
Dena Goodman – “The French Enlightenment”
Jennifer Frangos and Cristobal Silva – “Transatlantic Eighteenth Century (England and the New World/America and the Old World)”

Cynthia Klekar, “Fictions of the Gift: Generosity and Obligation in Eighteenth-Century English Literature”
Carrie Hintz, “Nell Gwyn and Restoration Culture”
Elizabeth Child, “Eighteenth-Century Studies and Brit Lit Survey: A Course Proposal”

Carole Martin, "From Court to Street in Eighteenth-Century France"
Jane Milling and Cynthia Richards, "The World Wide Web: Untangling Transatlantic Connections in the Work of Aphra Behn"
Steve Newman, "The Textual City: London and Philadelphia in Literature from the Great Fire to the Present"

Heidi Bostic, "Gendered Declarations in French Revolutionary Culture"
Cheryl Nixon, "Orphans, Wards, and Lost Children: Eighteenth-Century Facts and Fiction"
Nancy November, "Re-Voicing the Canon: 'Voice' in Eighteenth-Century Musical Thought"

2000-01 - Volume 8
Michael Burden, "Opera on the Stage in London - 1700-1800"
Shari Evans and Mary Rooks, "No Place Like Home?: The Politics of Home-spaces in the Eighteenth Century Premise"
Mary Trouille, "Marriage and Domestic Violence in Eighteenth-Century French Literature and Society" James E. Evans, "An Inclusive Cultural History of Early Eighteenth-Century British Literature"
Jenn Fishman, "Stage and Page: Theater and the Novel in Eighteenth- Century Literary Culture"
Lisa M. Zeitz, " Landscape and Nation in Eighteenth-Century Britain"

1998-99 - Volume 7
Lisa Berglund, "Samuel Johnson and The Eighteenth-Century Reader"
Richard Frohock, "America in British Consciousness, 1660-1750"
Elizabeth Teare, "Knaves and Fools: History, Satire, and the Rise of the Novel"Astrida Tantillo, "Creating Nature: German Science, Literature, and Philosophy"
Jennifer Thorn, "Eighteenth-Century British Orientalism"
Maureen Harkin, "Women and the Visual Arts in Eighteenth-Century Britain"
Alternate: Aurora Wolfgang, "Women and the French Enlightenment"

1996 - Volume 6
Barbara Ching and Kay Easson, "Discerning Taste"
Jon O'Brien, "Grub Street: The Literary and the Literatory in Eighteenth-Century Britain"
Miriam L. Wallace and Jocelyn van Tuyl, "The French Revolution in the Cultural Imaginations: Eighteenth-Century France and Britain"

1995 - Volume 5
Patricia Cleary and Elizabeth Young, "Women in England and America, 1688-1800"
Michael J. Conlon, "Literature and Performance in Eighteenth-Century England"
Jane Girdham, "Musical Life in the Late Eighteenth Century"

1993 - Volume 4
Joan Gundersen and Madeleine Marshall, "The Transatlantic Conversation, 1650-1776"
Susan Sage Heinzelman, "Legal Facts and Feminist Fictions: Laws of Evidence and Women's Writing 1688-1760"
Cheryl Lambert, "The Role of the Scientist and the Role of the Reader: Science and Literature in the Eighteenth Century"

1991 - Volume 3
Beth Fowkes Tobin, "The Representation of Poverty in England, 1730-1830"
Wendy Furman and Paula Radisich, "The Pursuit of Happiness/Vanity of Human Wishes. A Pair of Courses"
Peter V. Conroy, Jr., "The History, Comedy, Tragedy: The Enlightenment Novel"

1988 - Volume 2
Jill Campbell, "Problems of Gender in Early Eighteenth-Century Literature"
Margaret Darrow, Virginia Swain, Susanne Zantop, "Rights and Rebels: The Roots of Individualism"
Daniel E. Williams, "Early American Prose Narratives: A Course Proposal"

1987 - Volume 1
Cynthia L. Caywood, "Beyond Tokenism: Including Women Writers in Eighteen-Century Courses"
Nelson Hilton, "Blake Rouses the Faculties"
Lance Wilcox, "The Age of Tormented Reason"



2016-17 - Cassie Childs, "Eating Local: Lady Mary Wortley Montagu's Italian Garden"

2015-16 - Lauren Miskin, "Stitching Selfhood: Late Eighteenth-Century Samplers and the Crafting of British Feminity"

2014-15 - Rachael Schaffner,"Matters of Imag(in)ed Memory and Happy Forgetting in Frances Burney's Camila

2013-14 - Meghan Hunt, "Women Without History"

2012-13 - Glenda Goodman for “The Economy of Accomplishments: Aesthetics and Labor in Women’s Musical Lives”

2011-12 - Kate C. Hamilton for "She 'came up Stairs into the World': Elizabeth Barry and Restoration Celebrity"

2010 - 11 - Co-winners:Edward J. Kozaczka for “Queer Gardens: Cultivating Desire in Penelop Aubin’s Lucinda AND Susan Muse for “From Femme Covert to Feme Overt: Public Justice in Eliza Haywood’s The Distress’d Orphan.

2009-10 - Julia H. Fawcett, "Charlotte Charke and the Over-Expression of Gender"

2008-09 - Caroline Wigginton, “Faithful Translations: Reconsidering Coosaponakeesa’s Acts of Interpretive Authorship on the Creek Frontier”

2007-08 - Sonja Boon, “Does a Dutiful Wife Write; or, Should Suzanne Get Divorced? Reflections on Suzanne Curchod Necker, Divorce,and the Construction of the Biographical Subject”

2006-07 - JoEllen DeLucia, "`Beyond the Narrow House': The Ossian Poems, Gender, and Empire"

2003-04 - Elizabeth Bennet, "Divergent Paths to Virtue in the Lives and Writings of Elizabeth Carter and Catherine Talbot"

2002-03 - Melissa Ganz, “Moll Flanders and English Marriage Law”

2001-02 - Andrew Piper, "Lost in Translation: German Women Translators around 1800"

2000-01 - Jordana Rosenberg, "The Bosom of the Bourgeoisie"

1999-2000 - Ana De Freitas Boe, "'Neither is It at All Becoming': Edmund Burke's A Philosophic Enquiry, the Beautiful, and the Disciplining of Desire"

1998-99 - Theresa Ann Smith, "The Proposal for a Female National Dress in Eighteenth-Century Spain"

1997-98 - Lisa Zunshine, "'What door would it open to scandal…'Female Philanthropy and the London Foundling Hospital"

1996-98 - Elizabeth Child, "Geography, Gender, and Print Culture: [Re]Locating England's Provincial Women Writers"

1995-97 - Mary Catherine Moran, "Eighteenth-Century Conduct Literature and Scottish Conjectural History o the Role of Women in the Progress of Mankind"

1994-96 - Melissa Hyde, "Ambiquities of Gender Identity in Francois Boucher's Pastoral Paintings"

1993-95 - Rebecca Messbarger, "Masked Resistance: A Woman's Defense of Women's Education in Eighteenth-Century Italy"

1992-94 - Alessa Johns, "Engendering Utopis: Examples from Mid-Eighteenth-Century England"

1991-93 - Charlotte Sussman


2016-17 Nicole Garret, "Alte'd Courses of Action:" Maternal Grief and Radical Change on the Eighteenth-Century English Stage

2015-16 No prize was given

2014-15 Anna Ezekiel for her work on German philosopher Karoline von Gunderrode

2013-14 No prize was given

2012-13 No prize was given

2011- 12 - A.L. Gust, "Portraits of Exile: 'civilisation' and the conceptualization of belonging, c. 1765-1830"

2010 - 11 - Kimberly Chrisman-Campbell's "When Fashion Set Sail: Maritime Modes in Pre-Revolutionary France"

2009 - 10 - No prize given

2008-09 - Emily Bowles-Smith, “Mixed-gender Bodies and Mixed Genres: The Role of the “Female Husband” in Eighteenth-Century Prose Narratives by Women”

2007-08 - NONE

2006-07 - Olga E. Glagoleva, "Woman's Honor, or the Story with a  Pig: Everyday Life of Noblewomen in the Eighteenth-century Russian  Provinces"

2003-04 - Susan B. Iwanisziw, "Interracial Concubinage in the Long Eighteenth Century: Two Exemplary Women"

2002-03 - Lisa Kasmer, "Regendering History: Women and The Genres of History, 1760-1830"

2001-02 - Kathleen M. Oliver, "'The Intended Heroine of This Work': The Adolescent Female in Georgian England, 1714-1830"


2016-17 - Peggy Schaller Elliott, "Channeling Enlightenment Love: The Correspondence of Marie Le Prince de Beaumont and Thomas Tyrrell"

2015 - 16 - David Brewer, “The Life of Charlotta Du Pont (1723) and The Life of Madam de Beaumount (1721)”

2014-15 - Two Prizes --Aileen Douglas, "Elizabeth Sheridan's nove, The Fair Ring, or Emeline, A Mortal Tale and Catherine Sama, Rosalba Carriera (1673-1757): Correspondence of a Venetian Artist

2013-14 No Prize was given

2012-13 - Katharine Kittredge, "Examination of Documents by Melesina Trench for an Edition of Her Journals"

2011-12 - Catherine Marie Jaffe, "An Edition, Study, and  Translation of the Collected Works of Maria Lorenza de los Rios, Marquesa de Fuerte-Hijar (1761-1821), with Biographical Essay"

2009-10 -Mary Trouille, "Histoire de la Duchessse de C***"

2008-9 - No prize given

2007-08 - Nicole Pohl, “The Collected Letters of Sarah Scott”

2006-07 - Norbert Schürer, "The Correspondence of Charlotte Lennox"

2005-06 - Jennifer Keith

2004-05 - Orianne Smith, Loyola University of Chicago


2016-17 - Ula Klein, "Female Cross-Dressers as (a) Category of (the) Lesbian in the Eighteenth Century"

2015-16 - Changed to Bi-annual prize

2014-15 - DeClan Kavanagh, "'A Model Figure of the Fribble Tribe' Charles Churchill's Poetry and the Racialization of Effeminate Discourses

2013-14 - No Prize was given

2012-13 - Jason Farr, "The 'Merry Widow' and the 'Lame Duck': Queer Widowhood and Empowered Disability in Frances Burney's Camilla"

2011 - 12 - Fiona Brideoake, "Keep Yourselves in Your Own Persons, Where you Are: The Ladies of Llangollen and Queer Self-Fashioning"

2010 - 11 - Derrick R. Miller, "Moravian Familiarities: The Necessity of Thinking Queer Belongings"


2008-2009 - Cristobal Silva, Florida State University,“Appropriating Epidemiology: Tisquantum and the Etiology of Buried Plague”

2007-2008 - Bryan Waterman, New York University,“Elizabeth Whitman’s Disappearance and Disappointment”

2006-2007 -  Martin Brückner, University of Delaware,“The Public Life of Maps in Eighteenth-Century British America”

2005-2006 -  Anna Mae Duane, University of Connecticut,“Pregnancy and the New Birth in Charlotte Temple and The Coquette”

2004-2005 - Elizabeth Maddock Dillon, Yale University,“Republican Theatricality and Transatlantic Empire”

2003-2004 -
Brycchan Carey, Kingston University,“‘Accounts of Savage Nations’: The Spectator and the Americas”

2002-2003 - Vincent Carretta, University of Maryland,“Who Was Francis Williams?”

2001-2002 - Laura M. Stevens, University of Tulsa,“The Anglican Quest for Compassion: American Indians and English Deists in the Sermons of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts”

2000-2001 - Michael Zuckerman, University of Pennsylvania,“Some Asiatic Prince: Pride, Patriarchy, and the Problem of Generational Succession in the Early South”

1999-2000 - Eric Slauter, Stanford University,“Manners and Taste in the Making of the Constitution”


2001-02 - Michael Yonan, "Imperial Identity and Roman Authority: Pompeo Batoni and the Austrian Habsburgs"






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