ASECS Honors Its Great Teachers
Through Contributions From Their Students, Friends and Family


In Memory of John M. Aden
In Honor of Katherine Arens
In Honor of Paul K. Alkon
In Honor of Paula Backscheider
In Memory of E. Garrett Ballard
In Honor of John Bender
In Honor of Fredric V. Bogel
In Honor of Theodore E.D. Braun
In Honor of Laura Brown
In Honor of Diana Guiragossian Carr
In Honor of Philip B. Daghlian
In Honor of Joan DeJean
In Memory of Herbert Dieckmann
In Memory of Frank H. Ellis
In Memory of Otis Edward Fellows
In Honor of Jan Fergus
In Memory of Gloria Flaherty
In Honor of Basil Guy
In Honor of Daniel Heartz
In Honor of J. Paul Hunter
In Memory of Annibel Jenkins
In Honor of Thomas M. Kavanagh
In Memory of Carol Kay
In Honor of Catherine Lafarge
In Honor of Susan Lanser
In Memory of J. Patrick Lee
In Memory of Georges May
In Honor of Gita May
In Memory of Dorothy M. Medlin
In Memory of Samuel Holt Monk
In Memory of Jeanne Monty
In Honor of Dennis Moore
In Memory of Daisuke Nagashima
In Memory of Stow Persons
In Memory of Spiro Peterson
In Honor of Ellen Pollak
In Memory of Roy Porter
In Honor of J.G.A. Pocock
In Honor of Thomas R. Preston
In Memory of John B. Radner
In Memory of Walter E. Rex
In Honor of John Richetti
In Honor of Edward W. Rosenheim, Jr.
In Honor of Pilar Saenz
In Honor of Maria Salgado
In Honor of Roger Savage
In Memory of Joe Scouten
In Memory of Jean Seznec
In Honor of Mary D. Sheriff
In Memory of Frank Shuffelton
In Memory of Monroe K. Spears
In Honor of Barbara Maria Stafford
In Honor of Susan Staves
In Honor of Mary Margaret Stewart
In Honor of Philip Stewart
In Honor of George Winchester Stone, Jr.
In Honor of Jack Undank
In Memory of Mary Vidal
In Honor of James A. Winn
In Honor of Calhoun Winton





The Shirley Bill Endowed Fund recognizes the centrality of teaching to everything we do in our academic life. What better way of endowing funds that proclaim the importance of teaching to us as individuals and as a Society than by rewarding teaching and by honoring teachers who have had a profound influence in our development as scholars and teachers? Nearly all of us have had at least one professor who has served as a model as a teacher, a scholar, an advisor--or perhaps all three--and have wished for a way to honor this teacher and to show our appreciation for that teacher’s inspiration, time, wise comments, and encouragement. We can honor and acknowledge those teachers by contributing $300 in the name of a particular teacher and designating that contribution to the Shirley Bill Teaching Fund. If you would like to honor other great teachers, please send contributions to: ASECS, English Department, Ketchum Hall 213, Buffalo State College, 1300 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14222