The Hans Turley Prize will be awarded biannually for the best paper on a topic in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, or Queer Studies delivered at the ASECS annual meeting by a graduate student, an untenured faculty member, or an independent scholar.  In addition to recognition, the prize will carry a modest cash award.   The prize committee will consist of senior (and therefore ineligible) faculty members of the ASECS Lesbian and Gay Caucus, which Hans Turley helped to found.

Submissions for the Turley Prize must be sent directly to the ASECS office by email to ASECSOffice@gmail.com.  The deadline for submitting papers delivered at the 2017 Annual Meeting is November 1.  The paper you submit for the prize should be the one you presented at the conference without expansion or significant revisions. The prizewinner will be notified after the committee has made its decision and recognized at the following year's annual meeting as well as in the summer or fall news circular.