Travelling Jam-Pot: Fund for Graduate Students 

Among the best-- and customarily youngest-- of our colleagues are graduate students, whose presence and voices we welcome at ASECS meetings. Their presence is vital to the continued success not just of ASECS as an organization but of our studies; these are the professors of the near future who will make “the long eighteenth century” live for countless students of the 21st century. Institutions, finding themselves strapped for funds, are economizing on grants to graduate students. Many young scholars can no longer obtain travel grants for appearances at conferences.

Award recipients are ABDs and PhDs within a year after receiving doctoral degree. An award of up to $300 will be given toward the cost of attending the ASECS annual meeting. Four (4) copies of the following information must be submitted by each applicant: Applicants must be members of ASECS at the time of submission.
--A statement of need
--Identity of other sources of funding sought
--Endorsement from a faculty member (one copy is sufficient)
--Number of professional conferences attended in the past year

Application deadline: November 1. Applications will be read and awards given by a committee of three scholars; The Board also agreed that conference registration fees will be waived for successful candidates.

If you are a teacher of graduate students, please let them know about this possibility, and urge them to apply.

Please send applications to: