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The American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies is an interdisciplinary group dedicated to the advancement of scholarship in all aspects of the period . . . from the later seventeenth through the early nineteenth century.

Established in 1969, the American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies advances study and research in the history of a time that has profoundly influenced our world. ASECS is a pioneer in interdisciplinary investigation, and it therefore welcomes as members those working in all areas of scholarly inquiry pertinent to eighteenth-century studies.

As the ASECS Business Office prepares to transition to Buffalo State College in the next few days,  we want to thank you for your support and friendship over the nearly twenty years we have had the privilege of being a part of this wonderful organization.

Effective July 1, you can reach the Business Office at:

English Department
SUNY Buffalo State College
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Buffalo, NY 14222


Executive Director, Lisa Berglund -
Office Manager, Aimee Levesque -

Byron and Vickie



ASECS Position Statement Re: EO Immigration Ban - Link

Dear ASECS Attendees from Overseas:  

Given the state of U.S. immigration and visa rules, we feel compelled to share with our foreign colleagues the following advice, compiled by the Organization of American Historians.  The suggestions are based on discussions with immigration law professors. The OAH has graciously invited their sister societies to post this advice:

Overall, international travelers need to be well prepared before traveling to the U.S.
1. Be prepared to explain where you are from, why you are coming to the US, where you will be staying, and your plans for departing the US. 
2. Be able to explain who you are, what you do, and the purpose of your conference in one or two sentences. (It is okay to rehearse!).  
3. It is a good idea to have a paper copy of your itinerary and paper evidence of your conference or activities.  
4. Have your papers organized and accessible – not in your checked bag. It is best to have hard copies – don’t assume you can access information on your phone (and it may not be wise to do so).  
5. Be polite, well-mannered, and professionally dressed.  
6. Follow western cultural customs of eye contact. 
7. If you are receiving an honorarium or reimbursement of expenses, you may need to be able to explain how that is within the scope of your visa type and be clear that you are not coming in to the US “to work”. If receiving an honorarium, a pocket letter explaining this may also be wise. 
8. If you have any criminal history, you probably want to consult with an attorney.  
9. If you have traveled to one of the 6 countries listed in the travel ban or have ties to those countries, you probably should consult with an attorney.  
10. Be prepared for delays.


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